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Emergency Registry Service

Dear San Miguel de Allende Community,


In the spirit of our thriving community, our commitment is to equip you, our valued family, with the resources needed for informed decisions and a high-quality life. Continuously exploring new and innovative avenues is our way of ensuring your well-being.

we kindly suggest:


  1. Research Local Emergency Services:

    • Identify and familiarize yourself with local emergency services, including hospitals, police stations, and fire departments.

  2. Know Local Emergency Numbers:

    • Memorize or keep handy local emergency contact numbers. Ensure that you know how to call for help in the local language.

  3. Understand Healthcare Systems:

    • Research the local healthcare system, know where hospitals and clinics are located, and understand how to access medical assistance.

  4. Register with Your Embassy:

    • Register with your country's embassy or consulate in the host country. This ensures that they can contact you in case of emergencies and provides you with updates on local situations.

  5. Have Emergency Contacts:

    • Maintain a list of emergency contacts, including local contacts, neighbors, and colleagues. Share this information with your family and close friends back home.

  6. Consider the necessary precautions while living in Mexico.

  7. Recognize that life's uncertainties, including emergencies, accidents, illness and death are inevitable.

  8. Initiate open conversations with your loved ones regarding your wishes in case of an emergencies.

  9. Subscribe to our Emergency Registry Program via CasaELM brand. We are the first point of contact in a crisis abroad scenario. Watch video for more information and details about our service.


In supporting you through an Emergency or Death situation, CasaELM's dedicated team will alert the contacts on the list you provide. This registry serves as a dedicated point of contact for your family and loved ones, both locally and internationally, in the event of emergencies in Mexico. We safely store your information and contacts with us to facilitate communication and assistance.


Be assured that this registry is held under strict confidentiality and security measures, emphasizing your privacy and peace of mind. Register above, or email us for more information:


Warm regards,



  • Emergency Registry (Annual)

    Every year
    Save 15% with the annual Emergency Registry plan for Expats in San Miguel de Allende.
    • Store your information and
    • contacts with us in case of
    • emergency in Mexico.
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