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Do you host a podcast? Have your own channel? 

Are you simply fascinated by the idea of living in a different country? Curious about the challenges, rewards, and transformative experiences that come with embracing a new culture and lifestyle?


Michelle Wedderburn, Founder of CasaELM has years of experience as an expat, traveller and entrepreneur. If you are looking for a guest speaker for your podcast, channel or interview for your article, Michelle is available to speak with you about her experiences on living abroad since 2018.

Contact us at: to set up a time for her to speak to your audience.
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Michelle is so gracious and she takes the time to listen to you, and address any concerns/issues that you might have. I immediately felt at ease. In addition to her vast knowledge about San Miguel, she also gave me a lot of info about other regions in Mexico that I want to visit. Besides the wonderful conversation, do you know what the best part for me was? The recap that she provides after your session!  Book a session with Michelle, you won't regret it!"

Melinda Jones

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