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Welcome to a haven in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. What started as a plethora of creative ideas and thoughts has now turned into a dream come true. Casa ELM is a home for travelers and newcomers seeking community when they land in San Miguel.

Casa ELM is a home, not just a house. It is for those who need to find a quieter location to unwind, relax, reset, heal and just be. It is a home for those in need of finding their footing as aspiring expats or newbies to San Miguel. Casa ELM is a soft landing for anyone seeking to stay in San Miguel short or long term. We are here to help you make instant connections and grow your community in this beautiful city. San Miguel is a place that is dear to my heart and has been voted the #1 Best Small City in the World.


Come and let Casa ELM hold your laughter, tears, but best of all, create memories that will last a lifetime. It is a space for individual travelers, retreats, relocation tours, workshops and newcomers seeking rest. Let us spoil you a bit.

I know exactly what it takes to move or travel to Mexico - more specifically San Miguel de Allende. So, stick with me because you’re going to like how simple this process can be! I hope with Expat Life Mexico you find the encouragement and clarity to leave the U.S. and pursue the new home you dream of establishing in Mexico!

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