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Five Years of International Living: How To Move to Mexico

I can hardly believe that we've lived a full 5 years in Mexico! June 1st marked me and my son's 5th year anniversary in San Miguel.

young African American Boy sitting on his mother's lap
Michelle Wedderburn and her son

We have gained so much insight on life in this beautiful city and man have we grown. My son was only 6 when we arrived in SMA and now he's 36, fluent in Spanish and a grown up. Ha! We have been through a lot, mostly positive transitions and changes, but through it all I am happy to have made the move.

I've learned so much and made it my mission to help you on their journey of how to move to Mexico, specifically San Miguel de Allende.

I'm thrilled to connect with you as an expat resource living in the captivating city of SMA!

Wishing you a week filled with joy, relaxation, and new discoveries.

Warm Regards,


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